Es werden Posts vom April, 2011 angezeigt.

Systems maiden voyage

 First run of my new pride and joy, the Graupner Systems offshore catamaran. It went incredibly fast, almost too fast for the little pond. It will try a smaller prop next time. All equipment stayed pretty cool, even after half an hour of testing. It's powered by a 3060kV motor @ 11.1V. Summer will be great!! more pics here and a video here .

Systems - update #5

All electrics now installed. It's running a 3060kV motor @ 2 x 3s lipo for now, but might be changed to a 6s setup. Looking forward to first test run!

Systems - update #4

Decals applied and drivers painted. Unfortunately some descals are missing to make it boxart. Will have to print them myself.

Systems - update #3

Primed and painted in beautiful deep matt black.

Systems - update #2

Lots of work went into the catamaran in the meantime. The hull is now somewhat finished and waiting for being painted. The motor and rudder mount are already installed. electrics and water cooling had been fitted but are now dismounted again for painting procedure.