Es werden Posts vom Dezember, 2009 angezeigt.

Graupner Pistenbully tribute video

Here's the ultimate tribute to my alltime favourite R/C vehicle. The Pisten Bully was produced by Kyosho in the 80s and distributed by Graupner in Germany. Music by Jasmin . This video is dedicated to my dear Grandma, who passed away on 22 December 2009. I miss you.

Pisten Bully snow run

Finally it's that time of the year again where the Pisten Bully makes it out of the garage! All pics taken by my girlfriend (best r/c car photographer ever, but could be a bit more persistant to cold temperature;) ).

Snow Crawl Geilenkirchen

Some snapshots from a frosty crawl run at Megadrom Geilenkirchen.

Rough Champ Buggy Rider

This is still my Rough Rider Runner, but now with new body for display and some improved Buggy Champ parts (mainly front suspension). The rear end is still old school, especially the rear arms with double ball bearings. I used BC decals + TC repros to give it the RR look. In 8th pic down you can see it with the lexan bodyshell used for running. Well I put some other tires on then too :)

Tamiya CR01 Unimog goes sledding

More than just a crawler lol ;)

Gymnich location check

Just a quick location check in Gymnich, NRW, Germany.