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NRW Offroad Cup - Slash & SC10

For the first time there were Slashs & SC10s together on one track.

new class for SHORT COURSE cars!

Here's some information in english language about our new race series in western germany. In addition to the traditional 2WD, 4WD and Stadium Truck classes, the booming Slash Spec class and a beginners class, a Short Course class has been established for all available 2WD Short Course models. There are already some regular dutch drivers, so guests welcome!! Info PDF (english)

NRW Offroad Cup - Geilenkirchen

We had the 3rd race of our new "NRW Offroad Cup" last weekend. It started to rain heavily, but that didn't stop drivers from racing! Photos by Markus and Pascal .

Slash & SC10 tracktest

Here are some pics of the first rollout of the new Associated SC10 compared to the Slash on our local track. Suprisingly the Slash tires hook up better to the hard packed dirt, which gives an advantage over the SC10 regardless of higher weight and higher center of gravity.