Es werden Posts vom März, 2009 angezeigt.

new powerhouse for my rally car

I realized that my HPI RS4 rally car was the last 'modern' R/C not being on Lipo/brushless, so I had to change this with one of the nice EZRUN/HOBBYWING brushless sets from HK. It's a perfect fit and the speedo allows to use my Lipos finally. The included program card makes life easy with changes in throttle/brake settings between runs.

Slash tracktest

pic from todays tracktest with the Slash. We installed a new steep face which had to be tested also.

Tamiya Rough Rider project

It's been a while since I put up pics of an incomplete project. This time I'm just too proud of how the chassis came out after restoration. It features an awesome alloy chassis and wheels, whick really deserve their name! As it will be run occasionally I installed some vital components to make it a good runner: Kamtec radio box, CRP coilover shocks and Super Champ universals. The motor is the original black endbell Mabuchi, which is powered by a light 2s Lipo. I have a Kamtac lexan shell already ready to be painted together with a genuine Tamiya ABS shell, which will both be painted boxart orange. There will also be working headlight lamps installed, but the paintjobs come first.

Slash run

I took the Slash out today to a local football area and managed to take a few quick action pics. Click on the pic above to see more pictures! For those who are interested in more custom Traxxas Slash paintschemes, I put some of the best in a special gallery here .