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Willkommen auf meinem Blog! Ich heisse Kai, bin Baujahr 1974 und hier geht es um mein Hobby: RC (radio control), also ferngesteuerte Modelle, hauptsächlich Autos und Boote im Elektrobereich. Meine Leidenschaft für RC begann 1981 und endete zunächst 1990. Dann habe ich 2004 mein altes Hobby wiederentdeckt und seitdem begleitet es mich mal mehr mal weniger häufig durchs Leben.

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

Kyosho Optima revival - die-cast pullback racer

I knew they existed, but I never felt the need to have one... until I accidentally held it in my hands in a local hobby shop. When the shop owner decided to sell it for cheap (he won it at a recent race event), I couldn't resist any longer. cuuute, ain't it?

Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

Citroen ZX Rallye Raid - Kyosho Raider chassis

This is my very first Rally car that I purchased back in 1992. It has the original bodyshell, which I painted quite well back then. The body is used, but not trashed. The chassis was lost, so I acquired a used one and restored it to descent condition (with all period correct electrics and original motor). To be honest, it's one of the - if not THE - worst chassis that Kyosho ever made, but the wheels are very nice and so is the whole car - at least for me. You can see the manual of the Lancia Delta Integrale (same chassis based car), but don't ask me why I had this one left together with the body and not the Citroen one. it's a mystery :) See car in showroom