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Willkommen auf meinem Blog! Ich heisse Kai, bin Baujahr 1974 und hier geht es um mein Hobby: RC (radio control), also ferngesteuerte Modelle, hauptsächlich Autos und Boote im Elektrobereich. Meine Leidenschaft für RC begann 1981 und endete zunächst 1990. Dann habe ich 2004 mein altes Hobby wiederentdeckt und seitdem begleitet es mich mal mehr mal weniger häufig durchs Leben.

Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2008

Kyosho Optima restauration

There's not much to talk about these days as it's winter season and most R/C Rally activities are set to 0. Nevertheless I'm quite busy with my winter restauration project, an original Kyosho Optima. Whoever put hands on one of those back in the day, knows how sophisticated and well-engineered they were. I finshed chassis-rebuild and started doing the shell. First step was stripping old paint with nitro fuel. As it was my first time stripping a lexan shell, I was quite afraid of damaging it, but it came out excellent! It is now waiting for the hardest part: painting! More pics to follow.