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Willkommen auf meinem Blog! Ich heisse Kai, bin Baujahr 1974 und hier geht es um mein Hobby: RC (radio control), also ferngesteuerte Modelle, hauptsächlich Autos und Boote im Elektrobereich. Meine Leidenschaft für RC begann 1981 und endete zunächst 1990. Dann habe ich 2004 mein altes Hobby wiederentdeckt und seitdem begleitet es mich mal mehr mal weniger häufig durchs Leben.

Donnerstag, 18. September 2008

oOple.com Predator X11 Review auf deutsch

Wer die fantastischen Reviews von Jimmy Storey auf oOple.com kennt, hat vielleicht den aktuellen Testbericht zum PREDATOR X11 schon gelesen. Doch nun ist er auch in deutscher Sprache erhältlich, so dass er vielleicht einem breiteren Publikum hierzulande zugänglich wird. Übersetzung von mir :)

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

Kyosho Optima revival - die-cast pullback racer

I knew they existed, but I never felt the need to have one... until I accidentally held it in my hands in a local hobby shop. When the shop owner decided to sell it for cheap (he won it at a recent race event), I couldn't resist any longer. cuuute, ain't it?

Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

Citroen ZX Rallye Raid - Kyosho Raider chassis

This is my very first Rally car that I purchased back in 1992. It has the original bodyshell, which I painted quite well back then. The body is used, but not trashed. The chassis was lost, so I acquired a used one and restored it to descent condition (with all period correct electrics and original motor). To be honest, it's one of the - if not THE - worst chassis that Kyosho ever made, but the wheels are very nice and so is the whole car - at least for me. You can see the manual of the Lancia Delta Integrale (same chassis based car), but don't ask me why I had this one left together with the body and not the Citroen one. it's a mystery :) See car in showroom

Sonntag, 29. Juni 2008

Landschaftspark bash

Had a fantastic race weekend with the guys (finally!). When the dust settled there were Trucks, Rally cars and Rally Raids on our most favourite bashing location (Duisburg, Germany).

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

can't have enough Optima action

Took the Optima out for a spin again in order to take some pics and that's what I came back with!

Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2008

tracktest @ Langenfeld jump arena

There's a new track layout at a local club so we had to check it out. Unfortunately it was raining heavily before, but hey that's offroad! So we grabbed our gear and off we went! Don't know how to clean the car yet but why not leave it as it is and put it on the shelf?

Samstag, 31. Mai 2008

Kyosho Lazer ZX5 Lipo Brushless

Me testing the new Lipo on a local track. The picture is a bit shaky, but it's not easy to do with a small photocamera. All credit for filming goes to my girlfriend :) The car is powered by LRP Vector X11 6.5 / LRP Sphere Comp. 2007 / Lipo Robitronic 5200

Samstag, 12. April 2008

Offroad season has opened

so it was time to test the new equipment! Nothing changed on my Lazer (the blue one), but mate Markus had first rollout with his Lazer ZX5 SP (the black/pink one). I must say the changes they made to the SP make a big big difference. The car has lots more steering and was easier to get around corners. He was quite amazed and left track with a big smile in face. Third car shown is the new B44 of one of our local champs and did - well - just awesome.

Sonntag, 6. April 2008

Optima first run

I couldn't resist to take the new Optima out for a test run as soon as the slightest ray of sunlight broke through the clouds. All pics are taken by my girlfriend while I had plenty of fun driving around. Enjoy!

Edit: My Optima is now featured on the Optima House, the best place for Optimaniacs on the net! thank you.

Samstag, 5. April 2008

Original Kyosho Optima

This I paid with blood, sweat and tears due to being the result of a long long restauration process . I'm finally pleased with how it came out even if the shell could have been done better. It took some time to get the best colour match for boxart paintscheme but in the end I think it looks great. Nice vintage colours, close as possible to boxart. The shell comes from Kamtec and surprisingly the quality is not as good as I expected: the shell is 4 - 5mm shorter than the original one, which makes it difficult to fit to the chassis. I almost suffered heart attack when I realized this (when the paintjob had already been done). I still have the original shell (already paint stripped), so it will get painted for display purposes later. The Kamtec one was meant to be a runner anyway.

One of the cars came with original box, which is now loaded with spare parts which would make a second car (if not more). I got several sets of wheels, original motor, 240ST tuning motor, driver figure, original red shocks, some used chains, plenty of shock towers, etc, etc. One day I will assemble a second car to put it up for sale.

The chassis is more a Turbo Optima with some extras: I got 2 cars from the bay, one a half descent shelfer with badly painted shell and the second a battered racer with tons and tons of tuning parts. I disassembled both just to make the best out of it. It has belt drive conversion, special strong gears, steel final pinion, carbon shock towers, front universal joints, gold motor guard and most important: gold shocks! The front stabilizer is homemade as I don't have the original one, but it's mandatory for running. The motor equipped is a peak performance 13 turn (looks great with the gold endbell).

This one will be run from time to time, looking forward to the next vintage buggy race!!

Montag, 24. März 2008

Bruiser snow run

Already many snow pics on TC already, but you just can't have enough! Just a little fun with the Bruiser in my garden.

Sonntag, 9. März 2008

Bruiser upgrades

Spent a day with the latest Bruiser *bling bling* upgrades, e.g. front and rear bumper from Hi-Lift, wipers, extra front lights, etc. Can't wait for our spring vintage meeting in may!

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2008

Kyosho Optima - Sand Super wheels

I think these are the nicest buggy wheels ever made! Even if the spikes are a little worn but with new rims and some tire lettering they just look great. This set will fit my Optima when restauration is finished. Of course they will never be run. If you ever come across one of them or a set, please get in contact with me :).

Samstag, 16. Februar 2008

Tamiya HotShot 2 (from 1987)

I finished restoration of my childhood 4wd runner today. This is my personal 'holy grail', as it's one of my original cars from back in the day. It was abused in the years '87 to '89 and now restored to descent condition. I still have the original box and manual, but most important the car still has its original RS540SH motor it came with. It's missing the mechanical speedo, so if you got one in good condition, I would certainly take it. The bodyshell is in original condition from the early days. My personal favourite forever. It now sits in the display cabinet next to my Marui Galaxy.

Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2008

Kyosho Optima restauration

There's not much to talk about these days as it's winter season and most R/C Rally activities are set to 0. Nevertheless I'm quite busy with my winter restauration project, an original Kyosho Optima. Whoever put hands on one of those back in the day, knows how sophisticated and well-engineered they were. I finshed chassis-rebuild and started doing the shell. First step was stripping old paint with nitro fuel. As it was my first time stripping a lexan shell, I was quite afraid of damaging it, but it came out excellent! It is now waiting for the hardest part: painting! More pics to follow.