Es werden Posts vom Mai, 2007 angezeigt.

Emsland Jam 2007

We had our annual R/C meeting in Emsland, Gemany this weekend: 3 days full of fun on the beach! Please note that unfortunately I did not take pictures of all cars and all races. As you can see in the group shot, there were very many cars and boats around (65 in total). Here's my second set of photos showing people and funny scenes : I was simply too busy to drive to take pics of all events, but here are more pics from the other guys: Technical.Burp , Fantuzzi , Greenman - Wavesharks and Greenman - Wild Willys .

CEN Waveshark - r/c Jetski

This a video taken last summer at our favourite boat location in Duisburg. The Waveshark has an upgraded drivetrain powered by 12 cells, a 750 Viper Neodym motor and a Mimir ESC.