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Willkommen auf meinem Blog! Ich heisse Kai, bin Baujahr 1974 und hier geht es um mein Hobby: RC (radio control), also ferngesteuerte Modelle, hauptsächlich Autos und Boote im Elektrobereich. Meine Leidenschaft für RC begann 1981 und endete zunächst 1990. Dann habe ich 2004 mein altes Hobby wiederentdeckt und seitdem begleitet es mich mal mehr mal weniger häufig durchs Leben.

Samstag, 30. Oktober 2004

TC Meeting Germany 2004

This one is a 10 minute summary of our meeting in Haltern/Silbersee on 04/10/30. It is almost impossible to show all cars driven that day, but I hope no one is disappointed not to find his car in the movie.

TC meeting Germany, Haltern - Part 2

Gentlemen, it was a pleasure to meet you all in person! I will try to remember the names correctly below.

TC meeting Germany, Haltern

Not all of them of course, but you will find more pictures from our meeting on TC soon! Wow, what a great day! Hope we can repeat this some day...

Sonntag, 19. September 2004

Excavation at Silbersee, Haltern

Had another great day with technical.burp at Silbersee/Haltern (Germany)! This was the first time I took my Pistenbully/BlizzardDX out for some excavation. There was lots of sand to be digged up, so I had the perfect machine to help building a fine track for the racing vehicles. And... there was a very special mission to be accomplished! Check back soon to technical.burps or my showroom for further entertainment

Sonntag, 20. Juni 2004

Sand Scorcher vs. Team Losi on local race track

This time we made it to a nearby local race track, where we met 2 very friendly guys racing their Losi monsters & buggies and an Asso touring car. Time to put my Scorcher on track! As I exspected, the Scorcher scored 5:1 over the Losi (counted in laps: Scorcher runs 1 lap where Losi runs 5 laps in the same time ) Overall it was fantastic fun with friendly people and no Scorchers where harmed during the racing session! I'm glad to have met these guys, who drive for fun only and not for competition purposes.